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Business Strategy

We believe that an effective customer focused business strategy must be integrated with your products and your customers, to have the greatest impact on your profitability.  There is a general perception that it is either a Product Focused Model of Operating or a Customer-focused Model of operation. Actually it is rarely one or the other. By surveying the full scope of your business and your market place we will be able to help you arrive at the Optimal Balance specifically for your business.

        How we do it:

            Customer based strategies
            In depth Business Audit
            Alignment of Purpose with Vision and Mission
            Business case development
            Roadmap design
            Integration of Marketing and Sales with Business Plan
            ROI Forecasts

Effective Marketing & Sales Techniques
How to EFFECTIVELY use the INTERNET to GENERATE more Business. (click here now for Internet Marketing Products)
Marketing and sales is more than just moving products and services to the customer.  Customers demand more from products and services.  At the very heart of this process is to balance the way in which an organization does business (values) with every ”point of contact” with the customer.  Concepts and Ideals are translated into a dynamic, proactive action. 

How we do it:
            Internet Marketing Strategies that Work           
Effective Written Communication Strategies
            Customer Service Strategies
            Internet Business Automation Strategies and Software
            N.L.P. Models (Models that have heart)
            Strategies that turn Prospects into “Life Long” Clients (Friends)
            360o Customer/Organization feedback loops
            Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
            Customer Communication Tools that Work

Momentum Programs
What is a momentum program? Basically, it is aligning your strategies with action that will provide the optimum results for your investment. We help you identify the best strategies and help integrate those strategies for the best results.  Whether you need to start over with a completely new approach or just re-vitalize your existing programs, we will be able to help you determine and implement the best strategies for your business.  We have expertise in New Product Development, New Product Introduction to working with existing, seasoned product lines who's product life cycle needs to be extended for increased profits.

How we do it:
            Analysis of Business Requirements
            Implementation Assessment
            Momentum Building Road Map
            Technology Tool Optimization
            Alignment of Purpose of Management and the Organization
            Change Management
            Unique Experiential Training

            Human Resource Alignment Tools

Leadership must start at the top and then flow through out the organization. To inspire an organization to dramatically improve their interactions with their customer, it requires a communications strategy, that aligns the Organizations "Vision" with it's "Purpose" (why we they in Business) and it's "Values" (How they do Business). We will help you identify the key ingredients for your business and help you develop the methods that will align them with your products and most importantly your Customers. Not only working with the key executive but also with key parts of the organization so that everyone is moving in the same direction. The end result of this process is that you will create a "Knowledge Creating Organization" that will consistently find just the right "solutions" for your business.

        How we do it:
         Keynote presentation
            Vision and Purpose alignment sessions
            Business Development Seminars
            Web-based learning
            Business Tools and Printed Material
            Time Management
            Sales and Marketing Seminars
            Wealth Creation Seminars

Process and Systems Design
Obtaining reproducible Successful Results is an important aspect of developing a profitable business. This is what we call establishing a "Success Cycle".  Finding what works best for you and then helping you establish the systems and process that will insure that you repeat the "Success Cycle" over and over again. This process takes creativity, knowledge and discipline.  It is an integration of Customers Needs and Expectations that permits you to effectively connect with your target markets. It helps you determine the value of your customers base on their needs.  It is a Total Quality Customer Service (T.Q.C.S.) approach, that will provide ongoing feed back to your organization.

How we do it:
            Training and Resources
Customer “Point of Contact” maps           
            Needs Research
            Business Automation Products
            Privacy Strategies

Customer Retention
One of the best ways to increase your customer profitability is to keep the customers that you have.  This is referred to as "Customer Retention".  Increasing your "Customer Retention" only a few percentage points can have a significant positive impact on your profitability.  There is a direct relationship between "Customer Retention" and "Profits". Not only do we help you "Acquire More Customers", but we also help you make sure they "keep coming back", and better yet, "recommending you" to others.

        How we do it:
Customer Valuation
What is your Customer Retention Cycle versus Value of the Customer?
            Identifying your Customer Life Cycle
            Are you matching your Customer Retention Strategies with the Customer Life Cycle?
            Customer Retention Strategies tailored for your business

As I mentioned earlier,

This whole process is just a matter of achieving a different "Perspective" on a problem and then obtaining the "Optimum, Quantum Solution".... 

This last line....  summarizes exactly what we do in a nut shell, concisely....

It may sound like a complicated and long process, It is not.... It works very effectively and FAST. Contact us Now......

If you think cost may be an issue? or you think this is going to cost too much...  Contact me personally, with your idea and business, and I am sure we can work out a "Joint Venture" strategy that will work and benefit everyone....  



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