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From: the Desk of Kevin Barrett, KJ Barrett & Associates



Whenever I meet with clients or business people and we start talking about their business, invariably we get around to talking about what their problems are, and from there what can they do to solve these problems.

Over the years, I have found that the Top Two problems facing business  today can be expressed in two short sentences, or more accurately two "Short Questions". Finding the answers to these two questions, can provide the Solution for most businesses.. 

What are the two questions?

1. How do we get more Sales?

2. How do we obtain more Profits?

We can help you find the answers to these to vital questions. That will have a positive long term impact on your business growth. These answers will Dramatically Increase your Business with more Customers and Profits!!!  

Whether you do business On-Line and Off-Line, or both, you need to Increase your sales and profits.

One of the Keys, is to build your Business based on a "Loyalty Ladder" with customers that not only keep coming back but they also will recommend you to others.

We are here to help you "Turbo Charge" your business for increased Sales and Profits, using "Autopilot" follow-up strategies, that really work.

I have partnered with Infusionsoft to help stream line these Strategies.CMAC Logo

This company has one of the Leading Marketing Automation Software available that is guaranteed to grow your business. Learn More Here.

Click on the the following banner to Download a great Ebook... "How to Attract Leads and Win Trust with Customer Stories"

Since 1997, we have also worked and consulted with the "Internet Marketing Center" (IMC)

They have been one of pioneers and leaders in
Internet Marketing Techniques and Strategies.

Because of the Leadership in this area of Marketing for both of these companies we have been an active affiliate for both of them. Their governing Values of Business are very much in Line with our Values.

At KJ Barrett & Associates our consultants are dedicated to helping you identify the right business and training solutions that will move your company ahead quickly

The best part is that the process will also provide you with the tools that will not only get you ahead but keep you ahead.  It is one thing to "Turbo Charge" your business and it is quite another to have your business built on Market Leadership, Growth and Profitability.  We call that The Winning Edge.  It’s a Dynamic, productive and highly effective process for achieving optimal increased profits. We focus on your most valuable asset - Your Customers.

It has been said that one of the most important part of being in Business, "Is Getting and Keeping Customers". In short this process works because it helps you build a "Loyalty Ladder".  

We help you accomplish this by organizing our services into Six Important Areas.  These areas have been setup in a sequential manner, but in a sequential manner, where each "Layer" overlaps "sequentially".  I have created a special terminology, to describe this "Process" and it is called the "Sashimi Approach to Business Strategies"  or "Sashimi Business Strategies", for short....   When we work with you through the process, we will always have an "eye" on the effects on the "Whole Process".  In short at the end you will have an integrated system that works in "Getting and Keeping Customers".

Although this may sound like a complicated process, it is actually very easy to accomplish.....

In fact, if you read through our step by step process, you will have the "Blue Print" to accomplish more Sales, and Profits.... 

I have been doing this type of work for most of my life, and the simple fact is, that most business owners are too close to their business to actually see what needs to be done, and then make the hard decisions required to implement those strategies, that will move their business to the next level...  

This is true of both Small Business Owners, and Large Corporations alike....  and I have worked with both sizes...

It is interesting that usually the Small Businesses are reluctant to ask for help because of cost...  they think that this process would cost too much and they can not afford it.... 

On the other end of the spectrum, the Large Corporations are reluctant to ask for help also because of Cost...  but because they have already paid millions of dollars to their "In-House" experts to achieve the results they are looking for...

This whole process is just a matter of achieving a different "Perspective" on a problem and then obtaining the "Optimum, Quantum Solution".... 

This last line....  summarizes exactly what we do in a nut shell, concisely....

If you think cost may be an issue? or you think this is going to cost too much...  Contact me personally, with your idea and business, and I am sure we can work out a "Joint Venture" strategy that will work and benefit everyone....  

We will provide the Best and most successful Business and Training Solutions that work specifically for you and your Business.

Are you interested in how do we do this?...... Here is Our Process. 

It may sound like a complicated and long process, It is not.... It works very effectively and FAST. Contact us Now......


KJ Barrett & Associates
37219 8th Avenue, Zephyrhills, FL. 33542
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